Canada Cup


Standard Ticket (4/10)

  • sylvie_geoffroy
  • austin_neill
  • Bill Mann
  • donnovan_misener

Date(s) - 01/12/2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mount Sima


This is a fantastic freestyle event and it is being held at Sima for the third year. Expect to see crazy tricks and moves on rails, jumps and park features. It is a sanctioned event which does require 2 patrollers at the top of the course at all time. Bumps between patrollers will be organized so the same people don’t get to see all the tricks while braving the cold.
Thursday and Friday are training days, only 1 patroller required at the top of the event. Official competition is happening on Saturday and Sunday and 2 patrollers are required.
Any help is highly appreciated during this competition. If all goes well, the hill will also open to the public on that day. For some, it’ll be the occasion to get your first turns in (What a great feeling!)
Locations: Triple jump line, Big Air jump, some of the park.
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