Sima Sunday – Arctic Man


Instructor (2/2)

  • tim_sellars
  • kirstie_simpson

Red Jacket (2/5)

  • Amanda Mouchet
  • Kylie Campbell

Rookies (0/4)

  • No Rookies has registered yet

Date(s) - 14/04/2019
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Mount Sima


Attention: The opening hours are shifted by 2 hours. Morning briefing at 11 AM, first chair at 12 PM, last chair at 6 PM and end of day at 7 PM.

Public Open runs are Pokey (marginal), Hailey’s, Snow Cross, Park, Gold Rush. Some park features will be added to Hailey’s for added pleasure. They will be much smaller than last year to provide more skiing/riding space.

Yamaha Yukon will host the first ever Arctic Man event in the Yukon. It consists in a race where a skier or snowboarder is being towed by a snowmachine up Dan’s Descent, and then race down. It will be impressive!

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