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Date(s) - 16/02/2020
10:00 am - 01:00 pm

WCCSC Nordic Centre/Mt Mac


This is a regular Sunday patrol during easy like Sunday events. Patrol will be from 10 am to 1 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm. Patrol to be present at cross roads from 1030 to 330. Please bring snowmobile, O2, AED, trauma kit and flag plus first aid packs, spare clothes etc. Park in middle of cross roads to capture skiers, dogs, bikers, snowshoers, etc. Make sure your uniform is prominent. Bring warm clothes and boots.

Patrol will be paired up. Morning patrol will bring sled out. Afternoon will bring sled back. One person at a time may be skiing so you can take turns. Person skiing to stay fairly close. Cross roads to copper cutoff/Upper Valley between cutoff and cross roads/ upper valley-lower valley link/Logan burn/ Selwyns…

Please start the fire inside Harvey’s hut on your way by and check on it regularly.

Duties, show the patrol colours and be present. Sweep easy like Sunday skiers down dog and/or copper. Other duty will be to check passes. Ensure you know the colour of the day. This seasons season passes are yellow. Educate folks without a day pass on why they need one. Be tactful and polite about this. We provide many many services to our pass holders. Main one is the insurance that comes with the waiver. If they wish to ski somewhere without grooming services, first aid, warming huts, wax rooms, safety services, etc, etc, there are other options for them. They can buy a day pass on the spot through their phones. Alternatively they can stop in and buy a pass at the end of the day. Don’t send them back but be a pass ambassador for the ski club so hopefully they will purchase a pass next time.

Also, be familiar with the nordic responsibility code and the dog rules in order to help educate guests. https://www.xcskiwhitehorse.ca/ski-with-dogs


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