Yukon ski marathon


Standard Ticket (2/10)

Date(s) - 06/03/2021
08:00 am - 06:00 pm


Draft Plan as follows: 6 patrollers for 39/26 k race and 4 patrollers for 10 k race.

For the 39/26 k races 2 patrol will be stationed at the south junction where both 26 k racers and 39 k racers will pass you. Part of your responsibility  will be to count them with a clicker as they come through. You will take the snowmobile and toboggan out there to be at your station just after 9 am. You will sweep back to the stadium once all skiers are through. Two patrollers will be stationed at moose hill with a patrol pack (access can be from ravens ridge f you wish). Two patrollers will be stationed with a snowmobile in the stadium to respond in either direction. We should look at a way of maybe switching out the stadium and moose hill patrollers. Time to be at moose hill to be determined (10?)

For the 10 k race 2 patrol will be at moose hill and 2 patrollers will be in the stadium with a snowmobile. Start time for the 10 k is 2 pm and race finished at 5.

There will be up to 80 skiers in the marathon (39/26 k) and 80- skiers in the 10 k.




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